Termite Damage Repairs Gold Coast

In Australia, there are several different threats such as fire, wild storms and flooding that can damage our homes.

Termite Repairs Gold Coast

But one of the biggest headaches for most Gold Coast homeowners is the damage caused by subterranean termites or ‘white ants’. These little pests cause major structural and economical damage, sometimes more than you realise. Without the right preventative measures in place, the cost for these types of repairs can add up quite quickly.

Here are a few different signs to look out for in your home:

  • Mud shelter tubes – these can be found in the brick foundation or architraves of the home.  These are used by termites as protection.
  • Hollow sounding timber – this is a good indication they have begun to eat away at the timber.
  • Power failures – termites are attracted to the warmth of the electrical fittings behind the walls.

Termite Damage Gold Coast
Once you have taken the correct measures to identify the problem and have the area treated, it’s time to assess and organise to repair the damage. That’s where we can help!

If you find termite damage in your home, contact the team at Symmetry Building & Maintenance to organise a no-obligation free quote for your repairs.

Choosing our qualified, reputable builders gives you peace of mind, and guarantees top quality workmanship and satisfaction knowing the work will be completed on time and within budget.

Let us take the stress out of your termite repairs.

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Termite Repairs Gold Coast

Termite Repairs